How to Convince Your Prospects? Learn the Art of Persuasion for Your Business

Team LimeCall

February 12, 2021
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‘’A salesperson has, on average, only 2 chances to get through to a potential customer.’’

What if we told you that we can get hold of that potential prospect in the first go itself?

Too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t that difficult if you know the tricks and trades of the art of persuasion.

Have you felt this sudden trigger when you believed that, ‘had you treated your prospects this way, you could have catered to them better?’

Well this is something sales reps like you would think about often, so what are we trying to highlight here?

We can help you conduct the art of persuasion to get your prospects to say yes to investing in your product and that too without any hassles.

We can prove it that it’s not just too good to be true, it is the ultimate truth you require to get started.

What to expect here?

Let’s get started.

What do you mean by the ‘Art of Persuasion’?

Persuasion refers to getting someone to be convinced about conducting an action.

In your case, getting the prospects to be convinced to invest in your solution.

The reason why the persuasion action is an art is because it isn’t easy to convince anyone especially in today’s time and date.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

You have two prospects in front of you, Sandy and Carlos. Sandy and Carlos are both your potential prospects. They are the ones that can add value to your business. 

You engage with Sandy and Carlos and tell them all you wish to about your product, its features, and more.

In conclusion, Sandy and Carlos understood about your product, but still, they haven’t made the decision to invest in your brand. 

What happened here?

You managed to just speak about your product saying it can do this and it can solve this and so on, but where was the convincing part?

What factors were shown in order to get them to consider your brand?

This is when the act of persuasion comes into the story.

You need to give your prospects all the right information about your brand to invest in you such as:

  • Why are you better than your competitors?
  • Why do you want your prospects to consider your brand?
  • What makes your product different? And more

Convincing your potential prospects requires a powerful persuasion technique and to help you with that, we have covered the top pointers in our next category to help you get started.

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How to get your prospects to say ‘Yes’ to invest in your brand?

1. Communicate the complete truth about your products

Your prospects or as a matter of fact even if you were a prospect, you would dislike the fact when a brand tells you something great only to then charge you more money once you make your investment with them.

This doesn’t really go down well with your prospects and they neither walk on the path to convert as a loyal lead for your business.

When you’re selling your products to your prospects, ensure that they know everything about your product, be it the package charges, the extra fees if incorporated, the minor updates of the product, and more.

When your prospects are well aware of all such information, they will base their decision accordingly. 

2. Offer freebies or multiple other offers

Your prospects will not invest in your solution until and unless they have a benefit from their end.

To lure your prospects to invest in your solution you need to get their attention in the first place.

To play your first move, you can start by offering ebook guides, a free subscription to your blog contents, or even a free demo. 

Do you know that Dropbox offers extra storage for its prospects who recommend a friend to use its solution? You now know why Dropbox is such a hit. 

3. Make use of testimonials, social proofs, reviews, and more

When someone tells you that they are happy with a product, you are bound to try it without any research. This is exactly how you can tap more of your prospects and conduct the art of persuasion better.

With the use of testimonials from your existing prospects, social proofs of your new prospects becoming sales leads, reviews, and recommendations, you can easily persuade your prospects to hop on board with your brand. 

4. Discuss your privacy policy

Privacy is a topic that will matter to your prospects, especially in the 2021 year. This is important because when your prospects understand that their data is safe and that a well-established brand is taking care of their needs with great policy solutions, they are bound to invest in such brands. 

5. Focus on understanding your prospects problems

The best way to get your prospects to be sold out is to understand what they are going through and using that as a medium to convince them that your solution has what it takes to solve all their issues.

You can make use of empathy, a strong emotion where you can understand what the other person is going through by being in that person’s shoes. 

When this happens, catering to the prospects becomes easier, and convincing them, much more better. 

Now that we have got this covered, it is human tendency to make mistakes, but how you convert those mistakes into learnings is what makes the difference.

In order to help you get started on the right foot, we have covered a series of top ‘don’ts that you need to avoid when conducting the art of persuasion. 

Top Factors to avoid during the practice of persuasion prospects

1. Don’t interrupt your prospects while they speak

When you’re having a conversation with your prospects, never commit the mistake of interrupting them. When they speak, they will have pointers to state which will urge you to clarify or justify the same, however, be professional enough to let your prospects finish speaking and then justifying or sharing your opinions on the same. 

This will let your prospects understand what they’ve shared and what you’ve shared and ponder on those answers. 

2. Avoid repeating your statements

If you’re going to tell your prospects 100 times that your product is the best, the next 101 times, your prospects are going to just walk away.

If you think that repeating the same statement will convince your prospects to make that purchase with your brand, the answer is no.

Sell the benefits of your products, focus on giving your prospects enough details to consider your product.

Once this happens, your convincing technique needn’t be a hassle or much effort. 

3. Have patience with your prospects

There are millions of competing brands in the market that sell similar products like yours, your prospects have a variety to choose from which is why you need to give your prospects the ability to take their time and come back to you.

You need to be confident when selling your products, this creates a better impression to your prospects that your product has something of value.

Hence no matter where your prospects go, they will always find a way to come back to you. 

4. Don’t just take your side of the discussion

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your prospects might not agree with what you have to say but that doesn’t mean you fight back proving them wrong.

For instance, your prospects would prefer your competitors’ products better than your solution, in such scenarios fighting back with your opinions is not going to help.

Instead, learn to defend your solution by comparing your competitor’s product and yours and displaying what makes your different. This is a great way to sell to your prospects immediately without having to convince them furthermore. 

5. Engage with prospects well

The way you communicate with your prospects matter. If you’re going to be yelling at your prospects and thinking that it sounds confident, you are wrong.

You need to speak in a subtle and calm tone where your prospects can sense how confident you are in your product. As stated earlier, never interrupt your prospects, always listen carefully to your prospects to convince them better. 

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The Bottom Line…

The art of persuasion isn’t a practice that makes you a pro in a day’s or even a month’s time.

Your modern buyers will continue to be different when it comes to investing in any brand but the one thing that should remain constant would be your focus, energy, and attention to persuade them to invest in your solution.

In 2021, you now have the cheat sheet shared at the beginning of the year, you have all the time to get started and achieve the best results at the end of the year.

So tell us, when will you get started? Which tip will you start to adhere to first? We would like to hear from you.

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, February 12, 2021, Team LimeCall

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