Top Scheduling Softwares To Increase Lead Conversion in 2021

Team LimeCall

February 15, 2021
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‘’Online booking has been found to reduce staff labor.’’

Modern technology has made it easy for businesses to function in today’s era.

The unique solutions aren’t just priceless, they are handy when it comes to creating effective journeys when it comes to lead generation. 

Today’s article is dedicated to one such journey that has made an impact when it comes to lead generation – scheduling meetings.

Previously, scheduling meetings required calling a person and checking with the availability, and then confirming the time and date.

But you’re living in 2021 and the traditional methods need to be replaced with the modern technology which is why using an automated scheduling software is beneficial for better lead conversions.

With an automated scheduling software, you can work wonders that will directly impact your lead count, lead conversion and sales lead figures.

This article has all the reasons to explain to you how it is done and how you can get started with it instantly.

What did we cover here?

Let’s get started.

Scheduling Software: What is it?

Scheduling software is the process of making booking meetings an easy task.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

How would you book a meeting with another person?

The normal process would be to contact the person and then wait for that person to pick the call, then engage with that person and fix a date and time.

At times, you even tend to forget about the meeting for the simple reason that you were not reminded.

Now imagine as a brand how can you conduct this activity with the multiple leads that you receive.

Since you’re doing this manually, you tend to miss out on leads which isn’t a risk your brand can afford to take.

So the question is, how can you make booking meetings an easy task?

The simple answer is with the help of a scheduling software.

The scheduling software will make it simple to book meetings, all you need to do is:

  • Share a link
  • Give the prospects the opportunity to choose a date and time from the option you provide
  • Book the meetings
  • Send reminders so that this isn’t missed

The scheduling software is worth your investment, and we have all the details to justify our statement.

Let’s head to our next category.

Scheduling Software: The benefit it can provide you

1. Capture more qualified leads

When a lead is said to be qualified, these are leads that are ready to be pushed down the sales funnel further but haven’t yet confirmed the idea that they will make a purchase with your brand. Such leads despite this are still needed because when you can get such leads with constant nurturing they stand at a possibility to make that sale.

For such leads to become qualified leads, it can become easier to tap them when you have a scheduling software. The software will push the prospect to book a meeting because it is so easy to do it in the first place and secondly gives the prospect the impression that there is no harm in getting on a call.  

2. Increase conversion chances

When you push your prospect to contact you or to schedule a call, you are increasing or rather coming closer to making a difference in your conversion rates. In such cases, the conversion rates will stand at a chance to increase because you have made it easy for it to happen.

The more meeting bookings you make the better are your chances to convince the leads to make that purchase and that is the purpose of what a scheduling software aims to help you in. 

3. Build a better rapport

When you get more prospects to engage with you via an easy scheduling software tool, you’re only opening the doors to a better relationship with them. Your prospects might not be in the interest to make the purchase at the moment, but the one thing that they will remember however is the fact that you helped them through your brand.

And this will make them want to come back to your brand in the near future. 

4. Retain prospects interest

Your prospects have seen your ad and have come to your website, the next step would be to explore your brand. Now, what happens when they see an easy way for them to learn about your brand with just one meeting booking link?

Your prospects are going to go for it. All they need to do is just click the link and book the meeting. They will be aware of that phone call that will take place and that is exactly what will help them understand your brand better. 

5. Convert cold leads to warm

As stated earlier, the leads who book the meeting to speak to your team will not be your hot or warm leads only, there could be cold leads that will require your attention and focus to make them more warm. Making it easy for such cold leads to speak to you is one step towards breaking them down to consider your brand. 

Now that you have all the ideal reasons to invest in a scheduling software, let’s go on to understand what is the best software for scheduling meetings?

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What is the best software for scheduling meetings in 2021?

1. Acuity Scheduling

This is one of the best software for scheduling meetings in 2021. It is easy and everything that you need to conduct under this brand can be customized as per your brand requirements. This helps you be unique and offer better solutions to your prospects. Everything can be accessed and conducted with a single click. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Provides 24/7 online scheduling service
  • Any action that is conducted can be customized accordingly

Top Features:

  • Provides client engagement via video conferencing integrations
  • Shares calendar invites easily via a website or any other social media sites
  • Conducts auto adjustments for time zones
  • User-friendly scheduling software


Free plan, Emerging- $15/month, Growing- $25/month, Powerhouse-$50/month

Capterra Ratings:



This is another best software for scheduling meetings in 2021. The main agenda here for this solution is to provide smooth meeting opportunities when it comes to making a booking or getting the prospect to click on the meeting link. It is a well-versed application that is a handful for any type of industry. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • The opportunity provided to pre-book meetings
  • Provides a professional view from the prospects end

Top Features:

  • Lets prospects make bookings even with their social media account
  • Provides reminders of the meeting be it cancelled, booked, or rescheduled via SMS and email
  • Gives no opportunity for double booking to take place
  • Lets you customize your meeting link with your website efficiently smooth


Free plan, Basic- $9.9/month, Standard- $29.9/month, Premium- $59.9/month

G2 Ratings:


3. Calendly

Calendly is another best scheduling meeting app to use in 2021. This is an application where you can easily conduct meetings without any hassle.

The process is simple and the application goes out of its way to provide just an option to book meetings. The application offers tons of advantages which makes it a great meeting scheduling tool. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Easy to set up
  • Provides the easy option to send meeting links via emails or place them on your website

Top Features:

  • Lets your prospects schedule meetings with more than one team member of yours at once
  • Lets you conduct group meetings efficiently
  • Provides intelligent time zone detection
  • Integrates well with your service apps such as Salesforce and more


Basic- Free plan, Premium- $10/month,per user, Pro- $15/month, per user

Capterra Ratings:


4. Hubspot Meetings

This is another scheduling software that you can make use of in 2021 to conduct meetings. The agenda of this application is to ensure that your meeting is getting more attention with easy links and the process to conduct it in the first place. Hubspot is a great brand and the creation of such a unique solution is proof. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Ensures productivity is never compromised
  • Lets you achieve more work without having to stretch a muscle

Top Features:

  • Syncs meetings on different apps so that your availability list is also exhibited
  • Provides group meeting link options 
  • Provides round-robin meeting process so that in case of lesser sales reps, the calls are still functioning
  • While scheduling meetings, also gives you the opportunity to save newbies records


Need to sign in a form to continue further( pricing not stated)



5. Setmore

Setmore is another great scheduling software that you can make use of in 2021. This is an application that ensures booking a meeting can be done anywhere and as per the prospect’s convenience. Right from the management of the meeting to ensure that every meeting is conducted on time, this application is a breath of fresh air for any kind of business. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Provides brands with the free option to grow better with this easy solution of theirs
  • Gets all the activities done under one roof

Top Features:

  • Provides efficient group meetings or individual meetings no matter which device you use such as desktops, mobile, or even your tablet
  • Conducts 24/7 self-book appointments
  • Lets you book meetings from any of your social media handles
  • Conducts automated meeting alerts so that no meetings are ignored or forgotten from the team and prospect end


Free plan- 4 users, Premium- $12/month/ per user- 1-2 users, Pro- $9/month/ per user- 3+ users

Capterra Ratings:


6. FindMyshift 

This is another scheduling software that is perfect to conduct meetings in 2021. It is easy not only to just conduct meetings but also from your team performance. It offers multiple other features that help your team to be on track and ensures that your calendar is always up to date with the availability of your team. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Always improving their service to prospects
  • Provides a scheduling software that fits every kind of business and industry

Top Features:

  • Lets you focus on who your scheduling with the drag and drop shift planner
  • Provides a built-in time clock
  • Provides automated reports
  • Lets you set alarms so that your team is always present


Free plan, Business- $35/month/per team, Volunteer- $26.25/month/per team

Capterra Ratings:


7. Bitrix24

This is another scheduling software that you can make use of in 2021 to conduct meetings. Each of the solutions being offered by this team is in detail and helps the brand to conduct its actions with multiple solutions. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • For every solution provided by this application, there are tons of advantages being offered
  • Everything is organized and user friendly to access

Top Features:

  • Allows to create of public and private events
  • Provides two ways sync with Google calendars and more
  • Provides a mobile calendar


Free plan, ( Not much information about the scheduling software pricing)

Capterra Ratings:


8. Appointy

This is another scheduling software that works well in 2021 to conduct meetings. Their main focus remains to increase team productivity, tap the prospects at the right time, and to make it easy for prospects to engage with you. Their application is easy to use and ready to get started with. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Provides one interface for the application to function well for any brand
  • Best suited application to fit any business kind

Top Features:

  • Provides the to book meetings anywhere such as social media handles and more
  • Gives you the opportunity to take control of the working hours
  • Lets prospect schedule future appointments as well
  • Provides customizable time slow interval option


Free plan, Growth- $29.99/month, Professional- $59.99/month, Enterprise- $99.99/month

Capterra Ratings:


9. SuperSaas

SuperSaas is another intelligent scheduling solution that functions well when it comes to booking meetings. It provides multiple flexible options, easy budget solutions, and makes the overall experience of booking a meeting simplified and hassle-free. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • It is an affordable solution
  • Provides flexible solution

Top Features:

  • Lets you add meeting links on your website and Facebook page
  • Provides reports and analytics to track your booking performance
  • Adjusts booking meetings as per your requirements or convenience
  • All data collected from the prospects are secured well


Free plan, Package A- $8.00/month, Package B- $16.00/month, Package C- $26.00/month, Package D- $36.00/month, Package E- $46.00/month

Capterra Ratings:


10. Ganttic

This is the last scheduling tool that you can make use of in 2021. It is to the point and cuts the chase to become an easy tool to schedule meetings. The features provided are proof that using this tool to conduct scheduling of meetings is a great choice. 

Why should you invest in this scheduling software?

  • Best suited for any kind of industry
  • Lets you schedule projects, people, and more

Top Features:

  • Lets you conduct real-time engagement with multiple users
  • Provides a drag and drop scheduling option
  • Lets you sync this application with your phone calendar as well


Free plan, Starts from $25/month up to $599/month

Capterra Ratings:


The Bottom Line…

‘’$3.2 billion – the estimated value savings from using online appointment scheduling.’’

That’s a saving worth conducting multiple times, isn’t it.

Your leads are the modern buyers that will change their needs as per the latest trends, the best way to cater to such leads is to make it easy for them to understand how you can help cater to their needs. 

That is when a good call can work the agenda you’ve set.

So tell us which online scheduling software are you planning to try out first? What are your views on such a unique solution? We would love to hear from you.

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, February 15, 2021, Team LimeCall

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