10 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

LimeCall Team

October 21, 2020
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‘’96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy.’’

And that solves the common ideology that if any individual comes on your website, they are your valuable leads.

Your leads are exploring and will only decide to invest in your brand if they have a reason to do so.

You can make an impact on those reasons, but are you working enough to make a difference in your conversion rates?

Sometimes it isn’t the most expensive technique that will make your conversion rates score higher, at times, even conducting the basic techniques can make a huge impact on your conversion rate.

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For instance, if you continue to curate your content, in an engaging manner, add the right keywords and backlinks and form content which your prospects will be enticed to read, wouldn’t you witness an increase in your conversion rate?

Conversion rates can increase organically only if you conduct the right techniques.

We understand that lead conversion isn’t easy and you want to do everything for your brand to see an increase in your conversion rate which is exactly what this article will help you in.

We have created the top ways to increase your conversion rate in an efficient and efficient manner:

Table of Content

1. Capture more prospect emails

2. Use high-quality images on your website

3. Be great at copywriting

4. Offer discounts or free shipping

5. Exhibit social proof

6. Place answers about your product when displaying 

7. Create urgency to purchase

8. Make your website experience better

9. Indulge in SEO activities

10. Indulge in abandoned cart activity

Let’s get started. 

10 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate better in 2020

1. Capture more prospect emails

When you have a person’s email address, chances are you can reach out to them with your proposal much quicker. While this is a common solution, yet there are multiple brands that don’t prioritize it. With emails, you can create and conduct email campaigns that can bring your conversion rate to a better number.

You can capture more emails via small pop-ups after a prospect reads your blogs or explores your website. These pop-ups are great because they trigger the prospect’s emotion at the right time. For instance, if you find your prospect reading through your blogs, a pop up asking them to subscribe to your blogs can make them give away their emails. 

2. Use high-quality images on your website

Do you know the impact an image can have? It can stop your prospects from what they are doing and click on that image to explore more about you. But this technique can only be successful when you use great images. Images that are not blurred or lack image quality.

It could be an image being used to describe a product or testimonials of your prospect, any images that you use on your website, need to tap your audience to retain their attention and come to you. 

3. Be great at copywriting

‘’Targeting users with content relevant to their position along the buying process yields 72% higher conversion rates.’’

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Writing content is great and curating it according to your prospects yields you a better opportunity to increase your conversion rate. You copy doesn’t have to have fancy words and sentences that elaborate a small point. Your prospects interest needs to be captured better which is why conducting the following pointers can help:

  • Use crips small statements
  • Use the right font and font size
  • Keep your content to the point
  • Don’t explain a topic that is easy to understand, for instance, there is no need to explain to your prospects what sales are all about, they are aware of it, so instead you can explain how sales actions can help them to find their needs and more
  • Share real-life examples, use cases, and more. 

4. Offer discounts or free shipping

Who wouldn’t like a free discount? Do you know that when prospects see that there is a shipping charge not only them anyone would back out because shipping charges are just an extra? While this could be mandatory from a business point of view to cover the charges or expenses, it would be great if you offer free shipping for a few days.

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Offering discounts too on multiple factors such as a product launch or updates or anything can compel your prospect to invest in your brand, imagine 30% of itself is exciting. 

5. Exhibit social proof

Social proofs are information that shows who has purchased a product. This is done because it will compel your prospect to invest in your solution. Think of it this way, when you want to invest in a new brand, you wouldn’t just walk in and do it, if you had someone who has done the purchase before, it would compel you to make the purchase. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that you are on a website and you like something but you’re unsure how the product will be when you have it or whether it is worth it and so much more. Now, what happens when you see a pop up stating that 24 people have purchased the product? 

You would go ahead and invest in that product. 

6. Place answers about your product when displaying 

When you see a product, you will have doubts that need to be cleared. In such a case how will you manage to resolve it? Now imagine what would happen if you had the common FAQs of the product right in front of you. Wouldn’t that want you to learn about the product better?

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Let’s understand this with an example:

Now you have a doubt, you will ask an expert, then you will get an answer. On that answer, you will want to learn more about the product which will push the notification further. This is exactly what you will do. You can create the possible questions a prospect can ask when seeing your product. This will help them to understand your product better and converting them becomes easier. 

7. Create urgency to purchase

If you were told that in the next 24 hours the 50% sale on your brand will end, you will make the purchase instantly. Similarly, when you create a sense of urgency for your prospect, they will be bound to invest in your brand. Create a surprise discount or an immediate free shipping option in the next 2 hours and watch how your prospects will start the investment in your product. 

8. Make your website experience better

Increase Your Conversion Rate

If you had to be on a website where finding even the contact information is difficult, would you continue to be on that website? The number one and easy method of increasing your conversion rate is to make your customer experience better and that can happen by conducting the following actions:

  • Placing CTAs at the right place and time
  • Having pop-ups to collect prospect information
  • Placing information in a simple and easy to understand the manner
  • Making the format of your website pleasing to the eyes
  • Grasping information should be conducted with just one click

9. Indulge in SEO activities

SEO is important especially when you want to push your prospects’ focus towards your brand. What is also important is that when you apply SEO, the chances of your conversion rates increasing stands on a closer chance.

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SEO is used in multiple ways such as placing the right keywords in your titles, blog content, and more. There are also backlinks where you can get your prospects towards your blogs or pages more easily. The main agenda of SEO is to ensure that your prospects find you easier with the multiple platforms you use. 

10. Indulge in abandoned cart activity

The reason for abandoned cart activity is either prospects miss out on it or they just add and walk away to purchase later. This action can slow down your lead conversion rates. Instead what you can do is you can send pop-ups when prospects are likely to abandon the carts. This will push them to continue the purchase.

Or another thing you can do is you can create abandoned cart emails to entice your prospects to come back and make the purchase. Both of these will work in your favour to increase the lead conversion rate. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority.’’

And now with the top tips provided above, there is no stopping for your brand to achieve a higher conversion rate. 

See it in this way, the tips above have one thing in common, the way you make it easy for your prospects to understand you, explore you, and do so much more with your brand. When you do this, your conversion rates are likely to skyrocket in a shorter period of time.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Which tip caught your attention the most? We would like to hear more from you on this topic and the questions asked, to read out to us, you can just tweet us

, October 21, 2020, LimeCall Team

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