Phone Call Tips to Convince the Client to Buy

Team LimeCall

March 27, 2019
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When it comes to convincing someone to purchase a commodity or service, you should remove the word “convince” from your mind. Let the product or service speak for itself, you just have to show the client what they are missing on.

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The first step towards sales is a strong product, without one you may be able to attract customers at the beginning but this won’t last and you will earn a bad reputation in the market.

Before we jump into the details of various ways to attract a customer, you should know the generic mistakes that the seller does:

  • Giving too much discount:
    The last resort of a seller is always giving a heavy discount so that the user sign up for the service or the product. There is always a way to attract a customer even if your product is not unique or doesn’t stand apart from other providers.
    The best example for this is sports goods manufacturers like Nike. You may get the same quality shoes which is much cheaper than Nike, but a whopping 70–80% customers will only go for Nike. This is because the brand value that Nike has created, more than quality it’s the connection that the customer feels with a celebrity that endorses the Nike shoes and is ready to pay a higher price.
  • Unable to pitch the product:

This is applicable especially when it is “Service as a Product”. There are a lot of SaaS Callback applications out there and the competition is fierce. But there are quite a few services that stand out, the part that makes them stand out is that they never hard sell their services, instead, they point out the feature that makes them more attractive. You should understand the pain points of the customer to provide them with a custom solution.

Pressure Points:

Presentation or the way how you present your product can really make a difference between profit and loss. Let’s see, how can making a few changes in the manner you present your product really convince the customer to buy your product.

phone call tips_benefits
  • This means that when a feature of the product is put across as a benefit, there are more chances that the customer will go for it.

Example: The antivirus has a firewall (Feature)
 The antivirus can defend you from online attack (Benefit)

  • Always opt for plain and simple language: It’s easy for a customer to remember your product when it is expressed in simple language especially when you have many similar products available out there.
    Example: You are protected in case of ransomware attack (Incorrect)
     In case you are locked out of your system, we can protect you as we take daily backup of your data (Correct)
  • Technical jargon is a strict no: When you are selling a product, you should know that not all potential customers are technically sound and the use of more understanding language can lure them towards your product.
    Example: The software can create an auxiliary copy of files and databases (Incorrect)
     The software can help you take daily backup of your computer and store it in a safe location. (Correct)
phone call tips_short is sweet
  • No one really has time to listen to an essay about your product. When explaining the benefit of your product, you really have a very short time to make an impression.
    Example: There are 5 benefits of using our product and they are… (Incorrect)
     The main focus of our product is/are… (Correct)
  • What is unique should stand out: Your main focus should always be about pitching something that is unique about your product, let the consumer know what makes your product unique.
    Example: Our support has the best customer satisfaction rate
     Our support team provides 98% customer satisfaction compared to the industry average of 87%.
  • Numbers are more convincing: It’s human nature to believe in numbers than in blunt statement. When a claim is made, people are convinced if there is any data to back up the claim. 
    Example: Our antivirus are used by many users worldwide (Incorrect)
     About 5 million users trust and are protected by our antivirus daily (Correct)

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Some interesting facts about sales

  • 92% of almost all customer interactions happen over a call.
  • It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to actually reach a prospect.
  • The best time to cold call is between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.
  • After a meeting, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls. 44% of sales representatives give up after doing 1 follow-up.
  • 30–50% of sales go to the organization that responds first.
  • The optimal time of voicemail message is between 8 and 14 seconds.
  • The average sales Development representative makes 46 calls in a day.
  • 91% of customers say they’d give referrals. Only 11% of sales representatives ask for referrals.
  • The worst times to call are Mondays at 6:00 am and on Friday afternoons.
phone call tips_convince prospect

If you are into sales, you definitely know that it is almost impossible to convince someone to purchase your product or service over chat or emails. So we know how important calling a prospect can be and definitely there are techniques to bag such sales. 
Let us discuss in detail how can you psychologically convince a client to go for the purchase

1.Sound natural and not robotic

Most of the sales agent have their own predefined sentences or script that they strictly adhere to. Sometimes this can be helpful but it makes you monotonous and kills the salesperson in you. To engage with the client, it is very important to be free and spontaneous, this makes the client want to listen to you.

2. Give a personal touch

Sales call is never about just calling, informing about the product and disconnecting the call. As a person, this is the time to connect, greet the client, tell them your name, give a very short introduction. Always start the conversation on a positive note, this increases the chance of sales.

3. Addressing the client using their name

It is a psychological fact that taking the opposite person’s name makes them feel important. This applies for sales call as well, but there are few countries where addressing an unknown person by their name is considered as rude, so do your research.

4. Giving Importance

Who doesn’t like attention, your potential customers too. When you use sentences like, “It was a pleasure talking to you….It is a pleasure doing business with you…You already know so much about the working of this service….etc”

Show how your product is different and better: One thing to remember is that never talk about your competitors directly or mention about their negative aspects, but this doesn’t mean you should not talk about them at all. 
The way to do this is by talking about the advantages of your product and what makes it unique, this is an indirect way to say that the products by your competitors are not better than yours.

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Psychology is a part of sales, it is about triggering the right emotions at the right time which ultimately leads the prospect of buying your product. Let us know your ways to handle a sales call.Want to convince your clients to buy your product? Check our Callback Software and Limecall Pricing .

, March 27, 2019, Team LimeCall

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