The idea and the people
behind Limecall


How it all started

One of our B2b web apps had a lot of traffic. However, over time, we found ourselves faced with several obstacles:

  • Our inbound sales had a low response time.
  • Our customers started dropping off, as we did not have the capacity to answer all their questions in real-time.
  • Calendar scheduling our calls involved too many steps and it was not the most time-efficient process.
  • Our conversion rates were low.

We needed to fix our situation and we needed to do it fast. So, one weekend, we quickly hacked a widget where customers could get automated calls by simply putting in their phone number. The results were evident: within just one week, both our conversion and sign-up rates had increased considerably. After achieving such success, we thought: why keep this tool just to ourselves, when we can share it with other professionals and help them empower their sales teams and more efficiently reach their end goals? And like that, Limecall was born.

Our Vision & Purpose

We believe the current sales and marketing stack is broken and the customer engagement and sales cycle timelines are shrinking. This happens because consumers do not have time and businesses use a plethora of options and are being burdened with automated campaigns. Hence we need a new system which delivers the solution close to real time. For businesses, this means they are able to close deals faster, improve their conversion rates and stay on the edge from their competitors. The future is real time. Limecall is our answer to the future of sales and Marketing platform. Our vision is to deliver a multichannel real-time platform enhanced by data integration that helps businesses and consumers to be connected in real time. Our purpose is to connect consumers and businesses in real time.

Our Values


We strongly believe in the power of having a positive attitude and we are proud to say that we try to keep a smile on our faces even in the most stressful times. It makes our jobs easier and our final results better. When we work, we leave our egos to the side and focus on the end goal we are trying to achieve as a team. Limecall is all about kindness, not only between colleagues but to our customers as well.

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We work hard on our projects and we take full ownership for them as a team. On Limecall, there is a sense of trust between colleagues: we know everyone is 150% committed to doing their part and making sure we deliver to you the best product possible. It is only through the collaboration of every single one of us that success can be achieved.

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Value for Value:

Because we know that Limecall would not be where it is if it wasn’t for customers, we always make sure we provide them with the best customer experience and give them the added value they expect from us. And of course, having productive, happy employees is only possible if they feel like their work is being recognized and appreciated, so we strive to foster a relationship of value for value with every single one of our team members.

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