The Beginner’s Guide to Toll Free Numbers

LimeCall Team

September 18, 2020
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How do you cater to your prospects in 2020?

Engaging with prospects on social media, sending cold emails and placing business contact details might not be enough to cater to your prospects.

While these methods are great in catering to prospects, they still take time to be connected, for instance, when you’re online on social media then only you can reply to your prospects, the delay will happen.

If cold calling is effective, your customers will need to call you back, without hindrances. This is where toll free numbers can help your business.

In 2020 and the years to come, there is one thing that will continue to change, the speed of communication, which started with a phone call to assist prospects has now moved to simplified and quicker communication platforms such as social media, callback softwares, and more.

These are mediums that make communication faster, efficient to the modern prospects who expect brands to cater to them as soon as possible.

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But the question arises, how do you make the communication faster with the change in time?

The answer lies in a solution that you are aware of but not many of your peers make use of it?

Have you heard about ‘toll free numbers’?

Toll free numbers are just three digits but their impact on your business communication is going to be thrice more and we have proof.

Why should you read this article?

1 . We speak about the meaning of toll free numbers

2. Why do businesses need to start implementing toll free numbers?

3. How to get a toll free number for you to get started?

Let’s get started.

What is a Toll Free Number?

Toll-Free Numbers

How do you contact your phone operators?

There is a three-digit number that lets you get in touch with them and do multiple other actions with a single phone call and for no call cost at all, this is exactly what the purpose of toll free numbers are.

Toll free numbers are popular because they make it so easy for the prospect to get in touch with your brand. You are aware that today prospects want your brand to be available whenever they want you to which means even at 3 am in the early morning or at 10 pm in the night.

In this case, you can’t afford to lose out on them hence the reason for the toll free numbers is to cater to such prospects so that their queries are resolved.

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Toll numbers are easy, just dial the number and conduct the action spoken over the call. For instance, when you contact your service providers, you get multiple options to choose from such as recharge options, getting in touch with an agent, balance details, and more. This process guides you in conducting the action you want answers for.

Now imagine how well toll free numbers can benefit your business? 

Let’s help you visualize the scenario in our next category.

Benefits of Toll free numbers on your business

1. Builds your brand under the right light

Now when you have a number that connects your prospects at a faster rate, wouldn’t your brand fall under the category of assisting prospects better?

This is exactly what toll free numbers aim to do. They make it so easy to get a question answered and more with just one free call thus indirectly growing your brand and placing it under the right light. 

2. Easier for prospects to remember you

As a prospect, they have multiple things in their mind, so imagine if they saw your ad and the toll-free number say 456, the number is easy to remember.

So when your prospects want to engage with your brand, they will remember the toll free number because it’s so easy, it’s just 456, how can anyone forget it? This is exactly what the presence of toll-free numbers does.

3. Cost-efficient plan

Another great reason to love toll free numbers is the fact that you need to purchase it just like you would for a monthly plan, the cost is affordable and you get multiple features too. 

4. 24/7 availability assurance

You need to be there for your prospects as stated earlier, your business now should function round the clock because whenever your prospects wish they will contact you and you need to be present, for this reason alone, toll free numbers can help you. They can be contacted at any time of the hours and shows that as a brand you are keeping your promise of catering to all your prospects anytime. 

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5. Suits any kind of business

You could be a business that is just starting up or in the process of growth or more, having a toll free number increases your chances of being exhibited in front of your prospects eyes more often.

If the choice was given to a brand like yours who has an easy way to get connected with via toll free number and another brand which they had to wait till next morning to resolve their issue, they would choose you. 

6. Provides free calling

If your prospects have a doubt or just want to engage with you and realize that your toll number is free, they are bound to have more engagements with you. When this happens, nurturing your potential prospects becomes easy and closing deals becomes faster. 

7. Enhances marketing actions

You spend multiple amounts of money on your marketing efforts, how will you know which campaign is giving you the most results, and which is driving lesser results? With toll free numbers, you can observe your marketing campaigns better. What happens is when your prospects reach out to you, you will realize which campaign helped them to do so.

This will help you focus on the right campaign and eliminate the rest that is driving lesser results.

8. No number change incase of business location change

As a brand, there might be instances where your business would have to change location, in such cases the toll free number that you have won’t be affected. Your prospects can continue to reach out to you in the same number hence the hassle of a number change is not required. 

Now that you have everything you need to know about toll free numbers, let’s help you get started with it.

How to get a toll free number for you to get started?

The toll free number can be purchased from a virtual phone number provider. They can help you get started and provide tons of advantages for you to get started with. 

The Bottom Line…

Toll-free numbers can make your business easy, more approachable, and help strike a better communication pattern with your potential prospects.

Your prospects want that ease to engage with you, the simpler you make this process, the better chances you receive of capturing them quicker.

So, what do you think? Did you find this article insightful? Would you like to share your opinion on the same?

If you do, reach out to us by tweeting us, we would love to hear from you.

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, September 18, 2020, LimeCall Team

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