Automate calls and sync leads from your favorite apps!

The LimeCall platform connects right into your technology stack to automate our workflow.



  • IconSalesforce

Bring the power of Salesforce to your website

Instantly surface all of your CRM data, giving you a 360-degree view of your website visitors. Then automatically map data back into Salesforce, so you know exactly how conversations are impacting pipeline and revenue.


Marketing Automation

  • IconPardot
  • IconMarketo

Marketing automation data, at your fingertips

Know which marketing campaigns your visitors have engaged with and who’s showing buying signals. Then fast track hot prospects to live sales conversations.


Account-Based Marketing

  • Icon6sense
  • IconDemandbase
  • IconClearbit Reveal

Deanonymize your site traffic and pay off your ABM efforts

Easily connect to your Account-Based Marketing platform. Know the moment a target account arrives on your site and have hyper-personalized sales conversations with VIPs.


Data Enrichment

  • IconClearbit Enrich

A completely enriched profile with just an email

Hook into your favorite data enrichment platforms. Quickly capture an email address, then unlock everything you need to know about your visitors to deliver meaningful conversations.


Alerts & Notifications

  • IconSlack
  • IconEmail
  • IconBrowser & Voice

Drive immediate action with real-time alerts

Set up omnichannel alerts that notify your sales team the moment a qualified buyer arrives on your site, prompting them to dive into the LimeCall app and start selling.


Paid Advertising Event Tracking

  • IconGoogle Analytics
  • IconFacebook Ads

Track the impact of your advertising campaigns

Push events to your advertising platforms as visitors engage and convert via website conversations, so you can track your campaigns all the way through the funnel.


Meetings & Calendars

  • IconGoogle Calendar
  • IconOffice 365

Connect your calendar and book more meetings

No need to toggle between apps. Sales reps can connect to their business calendar so visitors can book meetings in a flash.