Call Tracking Integrations for Analytics & CRM

Integrate Your Phone Call Analytics for Deeper Marketing Insights

Bid Management

Chat and Notifications

Marketing Automation

Other Integrations

Website Optimization

Sync your Google Calendar with your Limecall for scheduling your calls

With Google Calendar, you’ll be able to sync you or your sales agents’ schedules with your Limecall widget’s scheduled times. You can simply do via Zapier integration.

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Callbacks with Display Ad Campaigns Integrations To More Calls

Integrate with your display campaigns. Choose which audiences see the Limecall widget when visiting your landing pages. Take it further with custom widget and popup messaging per audience. You can simply do via Zapier integration.

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Facebook Lead Ads Integration to Generate More Leads

Generate more leads by integrating Limecall callback with Facebook Lead Ads. Now potential customers can request callbacks from within Facebook itself. Great for promotions and retargeting campaigns. You can simply do via Zapier integration.

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Integrate Your Call Notifications with Slack

Never miss another call notification, lead scoring and sales agent feedback. You get every call and lead detail in Slack.

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Analyze Your Conversions with Google Analytics

Evaluate your conversions with Google Analytics events via Zapier. Send call conversion data to Google analytics to have a holistic picture. 

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Automate Your Sales Workflows with Zapier

Zapier is a great tool to help you automate your workflow. You can connect Your Limecall account to Zapier so you can start building zaps to take action automatically. 

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Give Your Marketing Automation More Superpowers

Create contacts in HubSpot from Limecall, map Limecall attributes into HubSpot and see conversations, leads, lead scores in your contact’s timeline.

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