Limecall helps you reduce lead response time
and increase conversions by upto 60%

We empower your sales.

  • Tracy signs up at limecall and creates a widget and installs it on her website. (5 minutes )

  • A website visitor has a query and would like to speak to a agent. He requests a phone callback (or a web call) by using the newly integrated widget.

  • Within 28 seconds, the visitor gets connected to Tracy or one of her team members over a call. The team members can instantly qualify the inbound lead and update lead information in real time.

  • After the call, the visitor has the option to leave feedback or a follow-up text message.

  • Tracy receives the lead information and the recorded call into the dashboard on her Limecall account.

  • The lead data can also be synchronized across several other software, such as CRM, in real-time.

Value Added

Call recording

SMS followup

Lead Analytics

Virtual phone numbers

Dynamic call routing

Dynamic Call routing
to team members

Two way sync
through integrations

In built CRM

API Access

Schedule appointments