Inbound Call Center Software

The phone solution for five-star customer support

Connect your phone system to your Helpdesk or CRM and free your team to focus on delighting customers.

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Have smarter customer conversations

Resolve issues as a team

Route calls to the right person every time and help agents anticipate customer needs before the conversation even begins by automatically displaying context from previous interactions.

Save time with automatic syncing

Put hours back on the calendar every week by automatically logging call info and eliminating data accuracy concerns along the way.

Get a clear view of call activity

Monitor performance on real-time dashboards to better manage your resources in the moment. Then, take advantage of unlimited history and call recordings to review individual or team trends.

Make inbound and outbound call within your app

What LimeCall resolves for you:

  • Complexity of telco network (international number & cost/mn)
  • Uncontrolled & unqualified number of calls
  • Disconnected experience between voice and digital
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