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A local number is one that starts with an area code specifically for a particular region, city, or state. Many potential customers prefer to support local businesses, and a local number will allow you to advertise your company within the community.

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The benefits of a local business phone number

Appeals to local customers

Give your business a trusted feel that appeals to local customers.

Establish a local presence

Establish a local presence in multiple cities by adding more local numbers.

People are more likely to pick up

Call and text from your local business number so people are more likely to pick up.
Keep work and personal calls separate, even if you’re using the same phone.

Qualify Sales Calls

The professional choice for local numbers

Get a local number for your business in any city or state.

When you buy a local phone number through Limecall, you also give your business the tools it needs to scale and grow:

  • A full virtual phone system with VoIP, voicemail transcription, call-forwarding, and lots more.
  • Send and receive text messages on your local number.
  • Mobile app to ensure you never miss a call, even when you’re on the go.
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