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Frequently asked Questions

What is click2call?

It’s a web or phone call connecting your website visitor to your team in real time by our widget.  We don’t count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

What if someone tries to spam the widget?

We bet it won’t happen, but we have created a blacklist where you can block anyone, just in case. Blacklist works with IP addresses and phone num- bers.

What is call history?

The call voice data is recorded and it stays in your account.

What is a web call?

The call requests connected through the web/mobile browser and received through our app or on web is a web call.

What is a call operator?

A call operator is the person who responds to callback services via our solution.

Can my customers call from any country?

Yes, your customers can call you from any country. You can also restrict the list of countries where prospects can initiate a web call.

What counts as a callback?

Each visitor requests a call and it connects. If the call is connected to your rep. It’s counted as a callback.

What is the difference between web call and call back?

A web call is when a web visitor is connected through a voice web browser call. A call back is when a phone can is triggered to conference your team with your web site visitor.  Call back are routed through traditional telephony networks while web call uses internet voice.

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