Send push notifications to your users.

Reach your users wherever they are. Notify offline users about new features, product updates, special offers and more.


Send push notifications to offline users and visitors

Send notifications to your users and visitors, even when they are not currently on your site or logged in. Bring back inactive users and reduce churn.


Send targeted push notifications with user segmentation

Segment users by product, geography, user role, profile, language, behavior and more. Send more relevant messages and increase engagement.


Multiple opt-in options to increase subscribe rate

Show users a custom opt-in prompt with your company’s logo and design. Show to all users as soon as they land on your site or include a delay.

How does it work?

Better and more cost effective than email

Say goodbye to managing lists, drafts, and campaigns. Never end up in the spam folder again. Stop paying more and more as your user list grows.

Create notifications automatically from published posts

Push notifications will be automatically created from your selected posts including the title, image and text preview.

Easily install in less than 5 minutes

Install your new push notification tool in 5 minutes or less with our script or WordPress plugin. Customize with your own logo and design.

Get better results with Beamer


Improve user engagement

Triple engagement by keeping users updated on your latest news


Convert more customers

Increase conversion rate by 62% when leads interact with your updates


Get more clicks and views

Get twice as many clicks as email by sending push notifications

The 2-Way Messaging Advantage

True-way to connect with your customers

High deliverability

Optimized routing ensures low latency resulting in high delivery rates of messages. Our extensive network carrier connections with over 800+ operators across 190+ countries allows you to send messages across the globe.


Kaleyra allows businesses to set up predefined
keywords to shared / dedicated short code / long
code numbers and help businesses to identify
customer preferences.

Engage customers with interactive messages

Change the way your customers communicate

Shared Number

Enable businesses to send and receive messages by configuring specific keywords on a shared short/long code. Track responses and get detailed information about customer mobile number, message status etc. by choosing the specific keywords.

Dedicated Number

Use unlimited keywords and reach your target audience via a dedicated short/long code number. Improve brand recognition by sending and receiving messages from the same number time and again.


Manage incoming customer requests, queries and replies on your CRM, Application or on any other platform through a Trigger Log. The trigger log will also store the Trigger URL along with details of the VMN number used, recipient, message, status and response and triggered time. Keep a count on all the keywords used in your interactive messages with Count Log.

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