How to increase sales
with LimeCall live chat

61% of shoppers say they’re likely to make a purchase after a live chat. Here’s how you can use LimeCall to get visitors talking, showcase the value of your products, and close sales like a pro.

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    Start conversations automatically

    Sales is a numbers game. With Limecall, your website visitor can request a call with one
    click and connect to your customer managment team instantly within 28 seconds.So
    you’re always inviting visitors to engage with call’s as they’re considering a purchase.

    Customer can request an instant call back

    Call me now
    Samantha requests a call through our calling widget.

    If your team is not available , your visitor can request a call for any time later

    Call me now
    Suzana requested a call for later as your team is out of office.

    Your customer can also leave their queries if they are not up for a call.

    Leave a text
    Mohan is a bit busy but he is interested in your products . He leaves a message.

    Personalize every conversation

    Limecall gives you detailed, real-time converastion with the person visiting your website,
    including quick links to transcripts of any previous calls they’ve had, so you can tailor the
    conversation precisely to their needs.

    What our customers say

    I was able to have Limecall up and running on our website within 5 minutes. Our team got the first call within 2 hours and closed the deal in 3 says. Limecall helped OutreachPlus convert 40% more sales per month by turning those passive leads to active ones. Our sales have gone through the roof, as we’ve drastically reduced the leads that fall through cracks.


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    Integrates with 1000+ business
    tools and software

    LimecCall + Google Analytics

    Connect LimeCall and Google Analytics to create custom ecommerce reports and view sales generated by live chat.

    LimecCall + Hubspot

    Add the LimeCall plugin to your BigCommerce site to view cart contents, upsell, and share offers.

    LimecCall + Wordpress

    Add the LimeCall plugin in to your WordPress and WooCom- merce site and start boosting sales.

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